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Dr. Kenneth Isaacs

Ph.D. ABPP (retired)

Kenneth Isaacs        

January 10, 2016

Natural Psychology Foundation

There is no longer a good reason for anyone in the world to have neurotic problems. Everyone who has been in treatment for a month or more for such difficulties without gaining full and lasting cure would be well advised to turn to the benefit of valid understanding of these illnesses for ‘cure instead of treatment’. Discovered facts now enable those with this knowledge to become free of such disorders Facts of mental processes that have been long-unnoticed or perhaps noticed-and-disregarded make it possible to rapidly changes the mental health industry by enabling full and lasting self cure. Past treatments using endless searches for trauma, distressing “conditioning” exposures, drugs, and ”corrective” discussions of rationality have sometimes brought amelioration but all have been ineffectual because, at best, they are peripheral or irrelevant to the illness process.

During 4000 years of written history wonderfully imaginative, false truths were persuasively marketed as appropriate treatment for such illnesses. Over those centuries people were persuaded to turn to respected practitioners to undergo one or another treatment that never cured neurotic difficulties.
Learning and making use of simple, relevant facts (without use of drugs or painful experiences) are daily enabling people to become free of the life wasting difficulties with full and lasting cure. Despite massive evidence of ineffectuality of the antique treatment formulations, those continue to be endlessly marketed. Millions of bright, highly educated therapists continue to skillfully apply those useless, antique treatment formulations instead of adopting advanced knowledge to help patients recover freedom from the life wasting troubles.

During the last 125 years, repetitive application of varieties of creatively imaginative, formulations irrelevant to the mental processes of the disorders were each  marketed as the best (of diverse mutually conflicting) explanations of "incurative" problems. Failure to cure did not dissuade therapists or patients.
Indoctrinated therapists with their allegiance to creatively imagined truths cannot permanently stand against discovered facts that enable cure. It is long past time for current ineffectual schools of thought to dissolve and fade away instead of continuing to deceive themselves that their formulation is valid and curative. Discovered facts coalescing into a valid unified field theory of psychological process has begun to transmute psychological thought from a field of study to a field of science. Fortunately, facts partake of the absolute persistence of reality. Increasingly, the terrible limitations interfering with the lives of hundred of millions of people across the world are being removed.

Many millions of sufferers await the benefit of valid information bringing the Fifth Phase of mental health knowledge. Natural Psychology is now available. More important, the same knowledge by enabling following generations to be taught facts will make them invulnerable to neurotic problems. Those generations can live better lives by alleviating a group of difficulties that put people in trouble with themselves and others. Many personality difficulties had not been recognized as related to the same disorder process. Future generations can have a world free of a host of limitations to life with better interpersonal and intrapersonal experience.

Imagined truths have been very persuasive over the centuries but using valid, relevant facts of mental processes finally enables actual cure and prevention of neurotic illnesses.The same facts also enable many personality disturbances that interfere with interpersonal relations. Problems that limit lives, disrupt and destroy relationships can now be understood, dissolved, and prevented.
Information necessary for self cure is available from the Natural Psychology Foundation website. Because the foundation needs funds to continue to make this information available to all who need it, donations of any amount are welcomed, Tax deductible (501(c) (3)

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Science, Not Science Fiction, Brings Cure. 

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 What is wrong with the Mental Health Industry?
How do we make it right?

During thousands of years, no therapy has ever cured neurotic problems. That is a a span of time including ancient Egypt to the current century Psychoanalysis, Behaviorism, Cognitive psychology, and Biological psychiatry. 

The Mental health industry offerings are utter failures without value for explaining and curing neurotic illness. "Much activity but no cure“ describes the history of mental health industryy accomplishments. The time from ancient Egypt into current efforts applying those explanations failed to bring cure because those persuasive,  complex theories are not valid.

Without the benefit of guidance from modern scientific thought and method validity could not arrive. Despite the well-established fact of ineffectuality, all modern schools of thought continue to be powerfully marketed, much admired, highly recommended, and commonly accepted, while completely useless for cure.  

Fortunately there is no longer a need for treatment. We have started the transition to valid scientific discoveries of realities of cause and process of neurotic problems. That knowledge consistently enables self-cure. Dissemination of that knowledge will make future generations invulnerable to neurotic difficulties. Neurosis will be swept rom the earth.

Cure instead of treatment. 

Cure Ptsd: Cure instead of Treatment

The Fifth Phase

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PTSD results from a simple misunderstanding not personality defects. Far more curable than previously known.