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       A World Free of Neurosis

Modern scientific thought and method and facts of reality bring a natural psychology formulation that yields the only actual cures of neurosis in thousands of years.

 Unfortunately, few people have learned that we can banish life-hampering and life-destroying neurotic illness and make the world free of neurosis. Although some spurious claims that amelioration of symptoms is cure, mental processes of those illnesses were never actually cured during thousands of years of efforts to do so.  Finally, 21st century science enables full and lasting cure and prevention.  

Lives of hundreds of millions across the world are limited by these disorders. Neurosis transforms well functioning people to reduced capacity for participation in congenial productive life.  Miserable incompetence from that disability is a heavy burden to self, family and society.
How many people understand that suicides are desperate attempts to relieve unendurable pain from the confounded bewilderment in a neurotic distraught state? Such curable and preventable events occur too frequently in PTSD, adolescent turmoil, reactive depression, and other intense states. None of us is likely to be completely free of persuasive influence of that same false wisdom in self or other.

How many realize neurotic illness is a direct result of misguidance from erroneous ancient common wisdom? Our current schools of psychological thought adopted the false wisdom: Each described imagined mental processes fitting with their error.
The mental health industry also adopted the standard structure of science fiction; an admixture of fact and fantasy. Science fiction is wonderful for entertainment but useless for life in reality.
Structure of science fiction presents careful selection of observable manifestations and pairs those with brilliantly description of imagined underlying cause.  Naively, over millennia such fantasy truths have been taken seriously as reality of relevant facts of underlying cause. That is the history of incurative therapies.

 Such ingenuity created the current roster of mutually conflicting, persuasive, ineffectual schools of psychological thought. Each school attracted a large retinue of devoted followers. Grouped together those incurative formulations dominate the mental health industry. Are therapists unaware their fanciful treatments are incurative? Do those therapists want to cure illness?

Those disparate clusters of theory formulations were each viewed as reasonable treatment practices. That brought formation of an amicable, loosely affiliated therapy industry. Their mutual disagreements were never fully disputed --- Most unfortunately!

Because their theories are irrelevant to the illness process, none ever cured. With effectiveness of cure not a basis of distinction, each focused upon therapist skill in applying the incurative treatment formulation as the prized value of their work. The elusive cure that patients sought was set aside as unimportant in dealing with ‘incurable illness.’    

 Political power of large number of practitioners positioned those several science fictions into universities as social science.. The same political influence brought governmental licensure with all the implications of that.

 Have you ever wondered why the multibillion-dollar mental health industry continues to proudly offer those endless, irrelevant, disparate fundamental explanations and treatments? Could there be more than one fundamental process as basic underlying cause creating the disorders? After thousands of years of the varieties of failed applications, why are current irrelevant explanations of illness and cure not recognized as useless waste and cast aside as mockery of curative activity, mockery of science, or scam and move on?

That continuation of useless treatments for neurosis echoes a previous century popularity of bloodletting as a cure for most any continuing physical troubles.  Psychotherapists and professional blood letters have proudly and skillfully applied their treatments. Both systems fail   as curative. With each of those treatment systems some patients died despite or because of the treatments. Each was weakly supported science fiction. Each was proudly offered to the public over more than a century

 Why does the knowledge of ineffectuality of their activities not dissuade practitioners from continuing? Is the mental health industry sincerely captivated by charmingly persuasive, worthless explanations of neurosis? Are therapists unaware they apply fanciful incurative treatments? Do they know and not care?

 Although popular antique-science and even the pre-science theory formulations have brought comfort by amelioration of symptoms. Comforting of disturbed people can also be brought about in many other ways that are irrelevant to illness process or cure.

 Companionship with friendly dogs or other animals, painting pictures, horseback riding, dancing, and many other distracting activities serve as well as the therapies in ameliorating intensity of symptoms.

Amelioration is neither cure of the mental process of illness nor does it assure a path to cure.

 In-office mentoring brought rapid cure to more than 90% of neurotic patients. Consistently, informative writings of valid knowledge used together with guided self-observation in open minds solved the problems for a few thousand people.

 Knowledgeable parents or kindergarten teachers can now guide children to a better life with invulnerability to neurosis. Having a world without neurosis for all future generations is a reachable goal.

Side benefits well worth achieving among high value results of using valid knowledge include reduction of initial attraction to drugs, alcohol, or excess food. For every one, improvement in interpersonal and intrapersonal civility is a benefit that will be welcomed.

 Troubled persons in any sort of treatment for a month or more without gaining full and lasting cure of neurotic disorder would be well advised to turn to valid scientific knowledge. They can abandon the currently popular, high cost, utterly ineffectual offerings that waste time, money, and lives. Those treatments have had their ‘moment in the spotlight’ and clearly established their useless irrelevance.

How long must it take for all future generations to become free of the many disturbances that unnecessarily waste time, money, and human lives on neurosis? It will take whatever time is required to supplant false common wisdom with valid uncommon wisdom.
Kenneth Isaacs Ph.D.
















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