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The Fifth Phase: A world free of neurosis 
by Dr. Kenneth Isaacs  

There is no longer any good reason for anyone to have neurotic problems!

The most important information for all those who suffer from neurosis and for all who struggle with attempts to manage their emotions is now available. Understanding the value of Nature’s gift of emotion and learning to benefit from feelings has brought simple to achieve cure and prevention instead of treatment for neuroses.

Early in life I had inferred importance in a fact about emotions that generally has been ignored as if unimportant. I had noticed that invariably each emotion, in the unceasing flow of emotions, tells us something about meaning of what is going on in or around us.   That realization produced recognition that the long-standing belief that feelings are an unfortunate interfering blight disrupting human thought and judgement is a major error (even though it was unquestioningly accepted by icons—Socrates, Aristotle, DesCartes— and multitudes of experts and populace over the centuries). Reality is diametrically opposite to that ancient belief about feelings. Instead of interference, that ‘telling something’ is invariably a very useful service. I knew that otherwise, if the long-standing belief that emotion is a blight on humanity had been valid, inexorable evolutionary process would have dropped feelings as it drops anyth
ing that is life hampering. 

A growing comprehension came from increasing awareness of the extent of beneficial implications and effects and the very considerable consequences of discovery of these realities: First—-Rapid actual full and lasting cure of neurosis never before achieved in 4000 years of written history! Second—-Prospect of raising all children to be invulnerable to neuroses! Third—Prospect of a world without affect phobia that creates many life hindering human problems including affect potentiation and storm that waste so many lives! Other implications are yet more important.The world having more comfort within and between people can only improve interpersonal civility. Most important, the greatest benefit is a better life experience for all future generations. Implications for artificial intelligence, creativity, and decision making are a small beginning of ramifications of this new understanding.

This potential from first curing and then raising future generations with more comfortable, more productive lives brings a sense of responsibility to anyone with that realization. It brings an obligation for communicating that knowledge to help people know about and restore natural use of a long lost beneficial gift of Nature: That goal will be aided by distribution of this informational book.

For this breakthrough advance to register upon, to be understood, and to be accepted by most people it must open minds to new knowledge. Those people can compare it with long instilled common beliefs that had prevailed as accepted wisdom over thousands of years. Old ever wisdom was long considered “hallowed truth” blessed by icons of past and present and accepted across all cultures: Such history brought belief that those are ‘final truths’ as if ‘test of time’ is a meaningful verification. Consequently, declaration that such a belief, long accepted as basic understanding of human experience is error has been met scornfully as stupidly controverting a certainty. Poorly founded certainty, unquestioned, had been automatically absorbed as integral components of theory, formulations in the mental health industry. 

Despite general awareness that none of the past or current treatment formulations for neurosis had ever cured, there are several understandable reasons why adoption of new highly beneficial, factual controverting knowledge is not eagerly accepted in the mental health industry. Faith instead of fact had determined the confident answer to the question, “Why do therapists never cure?” The prideful answer has been variations of, “We fully understand the disorders: Those are incurable. If they were curable our formulation would have cured them ”

Beliefs that have been firmly held over thousands of years and lovingly taught by parents to every child in every generation are not readily negated. People vary on how ready they are to open their minds to listen, to unlearn, and then listen to new controverting knowledge that is empirically corroborated. It has been the sufferers of disorders who have generally been most open-minded. Despite resistance from indoctrinated professionals, valid fact is regularly replacing erroneous failed truths. Tutoring each person to become aware of flow of their mental content including thought feeling, and concepts to notice some interacting of those mental processes. In that way they all learn the nature of thought and feeling, and to understand the effective functioning of sensory-perceptual-consciousness-awareness processes in health and illness. Knowledge of the part played by that cluster of elements adds new comprehension of mental health and illness sufficient to yield freedom from neurotic illness. Attention to fact while utilizing clear logic is what has rapidly brought freedom with dissolution of “incurable neurosis.”

People who had struggled for years with life impairing neurotic problems, many of whom had previously been treated through several years, were persuaded to open their minds. They were tutored to seriously observe their mental content and use that knowledge. Accepting the simple task of self-observing to become acquainted with their own constant flow of thought and feeling enables consideration of the meaningfulness of the interactions within those. We benefit from using facts of observable realities of mind (rather than relying upon unobservable meta-psychology) to consistently produce cure and prevention of neurosis. Beyond there are other valuable advantages.

This formulation of knowledge is in contrast to the incurative treatment formulations of our Fourth Phase schools of thought which have guided the mental health industry into a futility of endless application of irrelevance. Their reliance upon impeccable logic applied to erroneous, persuasive, conjectured false premises (instead of relying upon discoveries of relevant mental processes). The antique structure of thought about health and illness was a powerful hindrance to progress in the industry. Fourth Phase treatment formulations have been useless for the task of helping suffering patients repair wasting lives during the century of popularity. Alluring fantasy of value from powerful marketing of irrelevant, incurative treatment formulations promoted undeserved, broad acceptance and great respect for the mental health industry.

Enlightened by familiarity with one’s own sensory-perceptual-consciousness process and content and understanding usefulness of those processes enables choices for full and lasting freedom from neurotic disorders. Knowing of one's own mental processes is incomparably healthier than the commonly used irrelevant distraction that creates potentiation of emotion process to produce and prolong neuroses. Utilizing the considerable benefit of this breakthrough begs for open minds. This has readily come in more than 90% of the couple hundred in-office patients suffering from neuroses and perhaps a couple thousand more who benefited through my website information. Those people have found cure instead of treatment. It may take generations to reach everyone and correct world-wide common wisdom  in order to correct errors of false truths hampering the mental health industry.

Finding comparable open mindedness in publishers, editors, and internet readers who are sympathetic to the suffering of hundreds of millions whose lives are wasted by such disorders and the vast numbers whose lives are limited is necessary to disseminate this curative knowledge. Such sympathy exists more often in people who have had contact with these disorders among family, friends, or acquaintances. Others are likely to be indifferent, less likely to be aware of the degree of suffering, the degree of impediment to life experience and activities from such illness. Commonly unawareness that root cause of so much trouble is the universal, false common wisdom that we learned in childhood and was culturally reaffirmed throughout our lives. The more firmly that falsehood has been believed and adopted as ‘wisdom’ by individuals the more limiting it becomes to the quality of life. Meanwhile, suffering people wait, wasting years of life with so many of them hopefully spending time and many billions of dollars on irrelevant popular treatments.
Over the ages, a cluster of scientific deficiencies along with either foggy observation or insufficient attention to observable facts had prevented understanding that feelings are an important part of our wonderfully valuable large group of vital sensory-perceptual-consciousness-awareness functions. All such functions enable us as individuals and as a human species, to have the rather important ability to adapt and survive. Without those sensory-perceptual functions (including emotion) we could not have ability to survive as individuals and therefore, we would not have survived as a species. 

The Fifth Phase: A world free of neurosis” is written to be offered as a book for the general public. It presents a narrative with a perspective on 4000 years of advancing views of mental health and illness. Those millennia were tenanted by persuasive, logical but futile applications of a sequence of popular treatment approaches in an industry that proudly treats millions but never cures them—-perhaps no longer aims even to do so. Brilliant logic was used to creatively develop treatment formulations from chosen premises in each of the various current schools of thought. Each of those schools of thought can be viewed as an assemblage of ideas with a perfection marred by the same small defect—each is utterly worthless for curing neurotic disorders. Although the offered explanations taught to thousands of students each year have been been persuasive, choice of a false basic premise makes each with its own irrelevance useless in relation to the disorder process.

Additionally, all our current Fourth Phase of scholarly understandings in the field of mental health have, by endorsement of false common wisdom, assured that all schools of thought have insufficient validity to cure neurosis. The most persistent, careful application of irrelevance over centuries has not cured patients because persistence cannot turn irrelevance into relevance.

Fortunately, turning to modern scientific thought and method has finally brought relevance and validity that supplants the irrelevance and error that had been relied upon. Neurosis is now rather quickly curable and can be explained in easy to comprehend logic of natural psychology. Relevance and validity will beneficially transform the current bumbling, mutually conflicting, ineffectual, irrelevant theories in the various schools of thought within a field of study (that itself resides within a mental health industry pretentious beyond its worth) into an effective field of science. The currently popular schools of thought have each advanced knowledge in some way and now has outlived its time.

Proudly the mental health industry has offered treatments for the hundreds of named varieties of neurotic manifestations. Although treatments had never succeeded in curing the disturbances, each theory formulation was presented and touted as being the best and final explanation of such illness. In that belief it was taught in our universities to thousands of students annually as the most appropriate therapy. Little attention was given to the fact that those theories are disparate, ineffectual, mutually conflicting explanations that arouse vigorous competition and dispute among them about which is the best—of incurative theories. Using a modern scientific approach, we find several overriding reasons for the shared ineffectuality of theory and related treatment formulation. By correcting those defects we effectively solve the 4000 year puzzle and gain the considerable advantage of shedding irrelevance and superseding that with validity.
The Fifth Phase offers knowledge that finally corrects the false common wisdom about emotion that has blighted human life over the ages. New knowledge makes important changes to our understanding of mind. Finally, not only actual full and lasting cure of neurosis (eradicating such disorders) but, surprising to many, the more important, contribution is knowledge of a better way of life easily available to everyone. 

New valid understanding directly communicated electronically across the world has been received by a few thousand members of that general public. They have appreciated and made use of it. However, in contrast, most professionals when made aware of it bypass and stall dissemination of this beneficial knowledge. Some do so because they do not, cannot, or will not comprehend fact. Some perceive the reality, but self-servingly react to shield themselves from disruptive transformation of their industry and livelihood. Regardless of such obstacles, reality is absolutely unyielding. Eventually the natural way of human life will be restored for future generations.

Enabling never before achieved full and lasting cure of neurosis is an important breakthrough but is an incidental side-effect of this corrected knowledge. After thousands of years of trying but always failing to cure, previously impossible breakthrough success  arrives as a simple, everyman's natural preventative understanding . Those troubles should never have occurred. New knowledge brings advances significantly surpassing worth of all past complicated, charming theories that used antique premises and imaginative error-filled theoretic formulations. Those  being the ‘best that could be’ using the knowledge of the time of their invention.

More important than cure of the neuroses, for those will fade away with spread of factual knowledge, a major contribution will come from new natural psychological understanding with new exploration of broad implications of the long ignored vital realities of emotion, its dynamics and functions. Consistently accepting and using instead of opposing feelings in an attempt to manage or control fundamental endowed mental processes has far reaching beneficial consequences. 

Few people would say the silly, “Don't see that as green see that as orange.” Few people would say, “Don't hear that as B-flat, hear it as C-sharp.” or, “Don't smell that as garbage, smell it as lilac blossom.” Do you know why people haven’t realized that the saying, “Don't feel sad, feel happy.” is just as ridiculous as the preceding advice would be? All sensory-perceptual-consciousness-awareness processes are properly used for what they report to us. The common pattern of focusing on the feelings with attempts at dealing with, confronting, or making futile attempts at controlling, managing, or moderating them has been these simple disastrous error. All sensory processes have to be autonomous (independent and not amenable to control) to be effective. Without that autonomy our lives would be at risk
There are other human troubles rarely recognized as existing because they have become considered to be a built-in natural complications of human life that each person has to deal with. Dispelling such unnecessary burden makes life a little better. New knowledge, having the typical simplicity of valid ideas, has effectively brought betterment of life for many people across the world. Hundreds of millions more are waiting, needful, ill with severely disrupted lives, unknowing of their unnecessary tension; unknowing that 21st century science will free them from life hampering false common wisdom. Who will help them? 

Beyond improving knowledge of each person’s relation to self and others, this understanding already has yielded a basis for decreasing stress and improving comfort and civility for everyone. Realistic use of emotion advances us well beyond futile current and past wasteful, irrelevant therapy offerings. Increasing use instead of opposition to our wonderful autonomous system of emotions forecasts an even broader range of significant knowledge about perception and consciousness for relation to self and others. Human life has a new optimum. 

Knowledge brings “Cure instead of treatment”

Eighty years of study, practice, thought, research, and teaching about millennia of advancing phases of understanding mental health and illness brings a useful perspective for viewing past, present, and future of that field of study. Shaping of each phase of theory had come as a step in accumulation of concepts transcending previous truths. Transmutation into an effective, scientific unified field theory will eventuate by merging of corroborated new facts with corroborated portions of the several disparate theories of existing schools of thought while harshly excluding the excess burden of false premises, unproved conjecture, and futile treatment formulations. 

Utilizing guidance of modern scientific thought and method, the breakthrough formulation      brings new discernment of reality that had been long ignored. Significant for the many millions of suffering people, this has already enabled rapid full and lasting cure for some. What could be more powerfully persuasive as corroboration of validity than the more than 90% in office cure rate of neurosis?

Over the last 4000 years (and probably starting much earlier) all such patients sought treatment because their tormented lives were limited or absolutely wasting. Among the million current psychotherapists in America, blithely devoting their efforts to endless application of treatment that never succeeds in curing neurotic problems, many take pride in accomplishing what untold numbers of their predecessors also achieved. In that past amelioration or palliation of symptom were attained by use of potions, massage, incantations, prayers, drugs, art classes, even horseback riding. Some modern day behavioral therapists persistently declare symptom amelioration of phobia to be cure by glossing over the clear distinction: Amelioration comforts but does not alter nor remove the pathological mental process at the base of those manifestations that would be a part of cure. It is for the same reason behaviorism is unsuccessful with all varieties of neurotic disorder manifestations.

Amelioration of symptom manifestations, by repeated unpleasant exposure gradually reduces responsiveness to that specific triggering situation or condition; it beneficially improves comfort. Unfortunately, that comfort does nothing to reduce the person’s susceptibility to disorder episodes in other triggering conditions nor prevent other neurotic manifestations for it does not remove the tendency within the existing mental processes of illness. Retention of continuing vulnerability to flowering of emotion potentiation process in relation to other triggers or in production of other disorder manifestations continues availability to foster development of varieties of other sorts of symptom manifestations: Again, amelioration is helpful comforting but not cure!

During four millennia of written history, scientific thought and method gained advantage from steps in advancement of general knowledge. The earliest known explanation of cause of neurosis—-“a wandering uterus”was shared for centuries beyond ancient Egypt and ancient Greece. With later general knowledge of physiology that attribution became understood as naïve fantasy. Comparably, other explanations were persuasive within each phase but, in turn with advancing general knowledge, were also deprecated.

As happened in previous ages, we have progressed to our present day overly credulous faith in Fourth Phase beliefs about cause, process, and treatment. We have been charmed by the promise in mixtures of hopeful conjecture and solid fact in modern formulations with their pretension of scientific logic. We have been tolerant of the ineffectiveness of theories because we were ignorant of their irrelevance to the disorder process: It is time for the Fourth Phase errors to be supplanted. Each of those phases had been, in some way, a worthy step in progress. Enjoying persuasive backing by professionals’ credence it was also accepted by the public during its time. Those phases are not, should not and cannot be eternal. They do deserve recognition for their advancement beyond their predecessors and now a respectful burial 
Professional practitioners will, when forced by the public’s preference for actual cure, accept realization that current theories and current schools have outlived their time. Eventually they will reluctantly open their minds, conferences, and publications. It will take time for the multitude of current practitioners of incurative psychoanalysis, behavioral psychology, cognitive psychology, and bio-psychiatry to acknowledge and submit to the reality of overpowering challenge from effectiveness of valid explanations of natural psychology. Inevitably the mental health industry will move away from conjecture to a scientific unified field theory relevant to the illness processes. How long that takes will be determined by the amount of publicity and education of these realities.

Of considerable importance, modern scientific thought by enabling an increasingly acute critique of theory brings ever increasing assurance of distinguishing valid fact. False truths are not sturdy enough to continue to stand against fact. Previously unrecognized deficiencies, errors, and omissions in Fourth Phase schools of thought clearly reveal why cure was impossible from their approach. In contrast, anyone (professional or lay) by learning, self observing, and applying valid knowledge in this book can fully and lastingly dissolve such mental illness in self or other. Valid knowledge brings cure without need for treatment. Curing the mental process of neurotic illness instead of merely ameliorating or palliating symptom manifestations produces invulnerability to neurotic disorders.

Anyone who has been in treatment for a month or more and not fully cured of a neurosis will be well advised to use the free information from Natural Psychology Foundation for cure instead of treatment.

Intertwined deficiencies, errors, and omissions in the Fourth Phase theories incapacitate all their attempts to cure neurotic disorders:
    (One) Valid theories were not possible to create using premises based on the insufficient underlying matrix of general   knowledge available at the time those explanations were created. Meaningful premises underlying the operating         premises are required.
    (Two) In absence of necessary factual knowledge, creatively imaginative hypotheses based on erroneous conjectures were blithely substituted as plausible and persuasively used as permanent fill-in for incomplete theories.
    (Three) Despite the perfect record of failure to cure neurotic illnesses, therapists persuaded themselves they had the singular valid explanation of cause and process of an incurable disorder. Being bonded to their satisfying daily work         illogically moved their sense of attachment from theory to the treatment formulation that had been based on the incurative theory. Each school evolved into treatment centered offerings of therapy as appropriate for helping but not         curing whatever ails one.
    (Four) From limited scientific knowledge of the time, there was inappropriate adoption of game theory structure instead of scientific theory structure. Positing a synthetic reality with a dogmatic set of rules fitting that pseudo-reality isolated the theories from the reality in which we live resulting in uselessness for cure.
    (Five) All mental health schools of thought were constructed without recognizing emotion functions being a vital portion of sensory-perceptual-consciousness-awareness processes required for human ability for judgment,         adaptation, and survival.
    (Six) Atheoretic treatment-centered schools resulted in a mental health industry especially attractive to and consequently dominated by bright, highly trained, indoctrinated, technician practitioners  focusing on application         skill and squelching suggestions of fundamental research to improve their theory and practice.

Instead of relying on imagined truths about the basic processes in mental health and illness, science uses discovered facts. Doing that enables a useful recategorization of disorders according to their mental processes rather than on their symptom manifestations. Within the early general rubric of neurosis the several hundred named symptomatic disorders based on affect potentiation and storm have different mental process than the non storm disorders in that ‘basket’ category. Obsessive and compulsive neuroses seem likely to be an excessive intensification of ordinarily useful genetic inheritance. If so,cure would possibly involve the improbable changing of genes. Character neuroses seem likely to be consequences of either genetic variation or damaging life experience so that different treatments would be required for each of those.

Valid explanation of symptom neuroses has brought recognition of involved affect dynamics and a simple process of dissolving pathological potentiation of emotion. It offers a usually rapid cure (commonly as self-cure instead of treatment). Understanding and applying this knowledge prevents occurrence and recurrence of such illness. 
From across the world a few thousand among the general public responding to the self-cure manual on the informational website  www.drkennethisaacs.com have left grateful comments describing betterment of their lives with cure of varieties of problems. That enthusiasm from those in the general public has been in sharp contrast to the consistently negative practitioner responses. In their roles as audience and peer reviewer, in action (or inaction) or in words, practitioners most often displayed their firm bondage to a believed perfection of asserted truths reasoned in theory of their chosen school of thought. As peer reviewers they block presentation of alternative formulations of fundamental explanations. 

That bondage makes technician practitioners cynically disregard—hardly even hearing—any differing idea or fact. Those among professionals who acknowledged the worth of discovered fact bringing cure expressed self-serving concern that the breakthrough will diminish their practices. Others were concerned that it would be a too troublesome burden to learn a new formulation that actually cure. So far, professionals’ enthusiasm for acquiring ability to cure patients has been rare. 
Should not those many millions of people who suffer with wasting lives be informed that cure and prevention are freely available? Increasing the availability of such freedom awaits open-minded people recognizing and publicizing valuable reality information. By moving beyond use of the antique, currently popular, futile, endless, expensive application of irrelevant treatments there is the reality of a better life. 

How long must the public be kept ignorant of valid psychological understanding that leads to full and lasting cure? Hundreds of millions of people across the world suffer a great variety of disabling psychological problems that not only can be relatively easily and rapidly lifted but can be self cured, to better their lives. Such troubles can be rather easily prevented—for everyone in the world! Disorders, incurable over millennia because they were misunderstood, include the currently most common life wasting disorders: panic, phobia, suicidal states, PTSD (originally named stress hysteria and later shell shock), anorexia, multiple personality, conversion, depersonalization, reactive depression, plus hundreds of other troubles. These troubles are descriptively more properly recategorized and cured as either “emotion potentiation or emotion storm disorders.”

After 4000 years of treatments without cure, there is now cure without treatment. The history of the steps in advancement of understanding of mental health and illness that had started with persuasive conjecture finally has attained valid, effective knowledge that is presented in this book. Yet to follow, is our better understanding of what is consciousness, and implications of how the prime directive in our lives, self preservation, influences our personalities. When children are raised with this natural psychology information they will have a better life and when all children benefit from natural psychology everyone will have a better world. 

“The Fifth Phase: A world free of neurosis” has 50,000 words written for the general public and aimed to reach across the world to bypass blockading by professional practitioners. This will eventually free all from the shackles of innocent ignorance and delusive common wisdom that created the self-imposed blight of neurosis. and free all from the resistance by technician practitioners who want only to apply the formulations which they laboriously learned.

Freedom from the burdensome fight against nature’s wonderful gift of emotion will bring a better life for humanity. Finally, after incalculable numbers of millennia, humanity can begin to rejoin our animal cousins in accepting and using instead of opposing nature’s wonderful gifts of all the absolutely vital, autonomous, sensory-perceptual-consciousness awareness processes—for adaptation, for survival, for a better life in that better world.

Kenneth Isaacs, Ph.D. ABPP (retired). San Mateo, CA, 94402